Engaging Richmond

Project Overview

Branding and identity design project for a community engaged public health research organization. I developed a new mark for them that echoed comments they made during branding exercises I lead with the team about their needs, mission, and vision. In their work, we talked about how they literally and figuratively create knowledge by bringing more folks to the table. They also used the analogy of a window to describe how the organization, by bringing people from the community in to conduct research, provided a window into the issue being studied. Their needs to inform and involve the public in often isolated neighborhoods of their research efforts necessitated printed materials that could be mailed to residents as well as packets of educational materials handed out to participants of neighborhood assessments and focus groups. I also switched their focus from printed to digital means of collecting and storing data. Currently in the early stages of discussion of developing a mobile app to streamline and modernize their data collection arsenal.


Art Direction, Branding/Identity, Collateral, Mail, Merch, Publication

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