Cassandra Ellison is an interdisciplinary designer and art director, specializing in social design. A practitioner of human-centered and participatory methods, she is a strong visual storyteller, with a passion for designing and facilitating engaging prosocial experiences.

Led by a curious nature, she is an avid researcher and maker, always adding new subjects and techniques to her toolbox. Her process, combined with her empathy, critical thinking, and DIY sensibility allows her to find innovative design solutions to complex problems.

An admitted egghead, she has both a BFA and MFA in Design from Virginia Commonwealth University. Her studies focused on the overlapping physical, cognitive, and methodological aspects of design and their potential for social good. Her thesis was a five-part series investigating design’s ability to promote well being and prosocial behavior as demonstrated by the Recovery by Design program.

She has owned her own studio, served as a design program director, and is a consulting art director at the Center on Society and Health. She is currently open for new opportunities to educate, collaborate, and create.

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